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The great development potential in tungsten carbide mold industry

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In recent years, with the rapid development of the automobile industry, electronic information, home appliances, building materials and machinery industries, China's mold industry has also achieved rapid growth. The total sales volume of China's mold industry has increased from 98 billion rmb in 2009 to 184 billion rmb in 2016. The compound annual growth rate reached 9.58%. According to the “2017-2022 China Mould Market Prospects Survey and Investment Opportunity Research Report”issued by the China Industrial Research Institute, the total sales volume of China's mold industry will exceed 200 billion rmb  in 2018.

Molds are tools that force metal or non-metal forming and are essential technological equipment in industrial production. The mass production of parts using molds has the advantages of high efficiency, high consistency, low energy consumption, high precision and high complexity, so it is widely used in machinery, electronics, automotive, information, aviation, aerospace, light industry, military. In the transportation, building materials, medical, biological, energy and other industries, about 60% of the above-mentioned industries - 80% of the parts need to rely on mold processing. Therefore, the level of mold manufacturing is not only an important indicator to measure the level of manufacturing in a country, but also largely determines the quality, efficiency and new product development capabilities of the country's products.

At present, China's middle and low-end molds have been oversupplied, and the self-sufficiency rate of high-tech molds, which are mainly represented by large-scale, precise, complex and long-life molds, is still low, only about 60%, and a large part still depends on imports. Since 2009, China has imported about 2 billion US dollars of molds each year, mostly high-grade precision molds, while the export molds are mainly medium and low-grade, with low technical content and added value.

 According to the analysis of relevant departments, in the next five years, the development trend of China's mold industry is: mold products are developing in a large, precise, complex, economic and rapid direction; the technical content of molds is continuously improved, and the mold manufacturing cycle is shortened; The development of informationization, non-image, refinement and automation; mold enterprises are developing in the direction of technology integration, equipment precision, product branding, management informationization and operation internationalization.

 In this context, the cemented carbide mold industry will have great potential for development. Cemented carbide molds’ lifetime is ten or more times than steel molds. Cemented carbide molds have high hardness, high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and small expansion coefficient, which can meet the requirements of high-end precision industry for molds.

 According to China Mould Industry Yearbook (2012) compiled by China Mould Industry Association, plastic molds accounted for the largest proportion of mold sales in 2008-2011, accounting for 45%; stamping molds accounted for 37%; casting molds accounted for 9%; Other types of molds total about 9%.


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