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Mingri investigated the European market; Rixin alloy penetrated the overseas markets

Date:2014-03-29 11:58:00

  April 10, 2012, Zhuzhou, China / PRNewswire-Asia / - on March 2, 2012, Mingri Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Mingri Cemented Carbide”)’s delegation went to Europe for investigation, seizing the market successfully, which has become a foundation stone for the company to consolidate and expand the European market, and to be deeply rooted in the overseas market.
  Mingri Cemented Carbide’s trip to Europe was mainly aimed to collect and collate information on the demand for cemented carbide on the European market, and whereby adjust product structure and capacity, to supply the European and overseas markets in large quantities. After the adjustment Mingri Cemented Carbide will take anti-slip cleats, cold heading dies, and disc cutters as the flagship products, especially giving play to the anti-slip cleats - the advantageous project (which has won a number of technological patents). The supply of the anti-slip cleats has reached 30 tons / month. The company is expected to become one of the largest Chinese suppliers of cleats in Europe.
  It is reported that Mingri Cemented Carbide will visit Brazil and Spain in the second half of this year, to further expand the overseas markets. In addition, the company's own brand “Rixin” cemented carbide is currently registered in Finland. It is expected to become a famous overseas brand next year; thus, the national brand of Rixin cemented carbide will officially step out of Asia and enter the world.

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