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  • 产品名称: Carbide Cold Heading Die


Carbide grade for punching and impacting dies

Grade Density T.R.S MPa Hardness HRA Performance & application recommended
 YM11 14.4 2600 88.5
Forming or stamping dies for metal powders and nonmetal powders.
 YM15 14.0 2800 87.5
For fabricating drawing dies of steel tubes and rods under High compressibility ratio; punching、stamping、forging tools under large stress.
 YM20 13.5 3200 85.5
For fabricating of stamping dies for watch parts, spring plates of musical instruments, battery jars, small sized steel balls, screws, screw caps.
 ML32 13.9 2900 85.5
Impact resistance forging dies.
 ML35 13.7 3100 84.5
Impact resistance forging dies, hot-press forging dies and rollers.
 ML40 13.5 3300 83.5
Dies for wear resistant or impact resistant application.
 ML50 13.3 3500 83.0
Nut forming dies and high impact resistance forging dies.
 ML60 13.1 3600 82.5
Stainless bolt header dies and rollers.

Other grades of cemented carbide blanks for cold-forging dies may be offered by customers' requirements